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tipsy: /ˈtɪpsi/ adjective: a little drunk, a drop too much
baroness: /ˈbarənɛs/ noun: baroness; plural noun: baronesses.

Α woman holding the rank of baron either as a life peerage or as a hereditary rank.

Βaronesses usually being referred to as ‘Lady’.

Slightly tipsy, but always a baroness.

High quality bar-catering services for

parties, corporate events, galas, wedding celebrations.
Strictly for those who want to make their events memorable,

glittering, poise and glamorous.

Our love for coctails and our belief that memories are based on taste and smell,

can guarantee that your events will be filled with the spark of the drink,

the sweetness of the liquor and the freshness of fruit.

Combined with our high level services and experienced partners,
we will have made for you the secret recipe of immortality.​

Tips by Tipsy Baroness

Tip #1

Tipsy Baroness is against consuming alcohol and driving as well as consuming alcohol under the age of 18. 

Tip #2

Tipsy Baroness is recycling friendly and does not use any plastic cups or straws. 

Our moto: 

No plastic lifestyle.

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